Skybrud.Colors is a small library for working with various color models, currently supporting RGB, CMY, CMYK and HSL. The library features converters for converting back and forth between the supported color models.


To install Skybrud.Colors, pick one of the methods below:

  1. NuGet Package
    Install the NuGet package in your Visual Studio project. Makes updating easy.

  2. ZIP file
    Grab a ZIP file of the latest release; unzip and move Skybrud.Colors.dll for your target framework to the bin directory of your project.


Initialize a new RgbColor instance and convert to various string formats and other color models:

@using Skybrud.Colors

    RgbColor navy = new RgbColor(0, 0, 128);

    // Convert to HEX -> #000080
    string hex = navy.ToHex();

    // Convert to CSS -> rgb(0, 0, 128)
    string css = navy.ToCss();

    // Convert to HSL -> HSL: 240, 100, 25
    HslColor hsl = navy.ToHsl();

    // Convert to CMY -> CMY: 100, 100, 50
    CmyColor cmy = navy.ToCmy();

    // Convert to CMYK -> CMYK: 100, 100, 0, 50
    CmykColor cmyk = navy.ToCmyk();


Get the WCAG contrast ratio between two instances of RgbColor:

@using Skybrud.Colors
@using Skybrud.Colors.Html
@using Skybrud.Colors.Wcag

    // Get colors from the constants in the "HtmlColors" class
    RgbColor red = HtmlColors.Red;
    RgbColor blue = HtmlColors.Blue;
    // Calculate the WCAG contrast ratio
    double ratio = WcagHelpers.GetContrastRatio(red, blue);

    <pre>WCAG ratio: @ratio</pre>