The package revolves around the ISearchHelper and the ISearchOptions interfaces, where both can be used to create complex Examine searches.

The ISearchHelper interface is your resource for searching making searches in Examine, while instances of the ISearchOptions interface can be used to describe what to search for.

Accessing an instance

You an get an instance of ISearchHelper via dependency injection - such as:

public class SearchController : UmbracoApiController {
    private readonly ISearchHelper _searchHelper;
    public SearchController(ISearchHelper searchHelper) {
        _searchHelper = searchHelper;

Or directly from the DI container:

ISearchHelper searchHelper = Current.Factory.GetInstance<ISearchHelper>();

Performing a search

The ISearchHelper interfaces describes a Search method taking an instance of ISearchOptions, where a concrete implementation of the interface may be used to control the search.

Examples of such concrete implementations are the SearchOptionsBase and OffsetSearchOptionsBase classes which are also a part of this package.

The ISearchOptions interface describes a GetRawQuery method for returning the raw Examine query. The idea is that the you can have various classes implementing the interface, each with properties related to a given area, and each property determining how to search in Examine. For instance, you might have a site where you'd want to search news articles, so you'd have a NewsSearchOptions class:

public class NewsSearchOptions : ISearchOptions {

    public int ContextId { get; set; }

    public string Text { get; set; }

    public string GetRawQuery(ISearchHelper searchHelper) {

        QueryList query = new QueryList();

        if (ContextId > 0) query.Add($"path_search:{ContextId}");


        // TODO: search for "Text"

        return query.GetRawQuery();



With this example, the NewsSearchOptions class specifies a ContextId property, as well as a Text property. The context ID could be used if you have more than one news archive, but wish to limit the results of the search to a one specific news archive. Notice that the path of content or media items in Examine is not searchable by default. The text property may be used to do a free text search across multiple fields on each node in the index.

The GetRawQuery method then puts the Examine query together. Both for based on the properties of the options class, but also hardcoded constants like limiting the search to content items of the type newsPage.