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This package features a dashboard and property editor that let's users manage inbound redirects from within the Umbraco backoffice.

URLs can be added to redirect to either a content item, media item or a custom URL.



  1. NuGet Package
    Install this NuGet package in your Visual Studio project. Makes updating easy.

  2. ZIP file
    Grab a ZIP file of the latest release; unzip and move the contents to the root directory of your web application.


  • Global dashboard for listing all redirects. Supports filtering and searching.

  • Property editor that can be added to either a content item or media item to show inbound redirects

  • Package only handles custom redirecs - eg. added manually by an editor. The will let Umbraco 7.5+ handle redirects for renamed pages

  • Includes a RedirectsRepository for managing the redirects from your own code

HTTP module

The package comes with a HTTP module that will kick in when Umbraco or IIS returns a response with a 404 status code. If this is the case, the module will look up the requested URL, and then redirect the user if a matching redirect is found in the database. The package will not intercept requests with any status code other than 404.