Data types using the Skybrud ImagePicker Image property editor will have the following configuration options:

Pick multiple images

The property editor can be configured to either work as a single picker, where it's not possible to select more than a single image, or a multi picker, where the user can select multiple images.

A visualiazation of the editor when configured as a single picker.
A visualiazation of the editor when configured as a multi picker.

Start node

By default, the picker will show a tree starting at the root of the media archive - or the user's start node(s) if they don't have access to the entire media archive. With this option, you can set custom start node that will be used instead.

Notice that a custom start node may still be affected by the user's permissions. See the Ignore user start nodes option for more information on how to handle this.

Ignore user start nodes

As user may not have access to the full media archive, the start node they're seing in the picker may be different from the select start node depending on the user's permissions.

Enable this setting will tell the picker to ignore the user's permissions, enabling the to pick media they would normally not have access to.

Value type

If nothing else is specified, selected images will be returned as instances of Skybrud.ImagePicker.Models.ImagePickerImage. However if another model is more desired, a custom type can be set via the Value type option in the data type configuration.

The option lets you pick any .NET type that has a public constructor, and the first parameter is of the type IPublishedElement. If a constructor has any additional parameters, the package will try resolving their values via dependency injection.

If the second parameter is of type Skybrud.ImagePicker.PropertyEditors.ImagePickerConfiguration, the configuration of the data type will also be supplied to the model.